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I was thrilled to photograph my first Rumplestiltskin Cosplay earlier this year at Awesome Con. Please check out department_h on Instagram and his many other amazing cosplays….Wolverine, Jack Sparrow and more! We are thrilled to be going back to Awesome… […]

Several years ago, when I mainly used natural light (or at most one light!), during a portrait session I would often times wait for people to let their guard down and capture a quiet, in-between moment.¬†¬†Many times that moment ended… […]

Rarely do I photograph the same cosplay twice. In order for me to photograph one again there has to be a twist to it, something exceptional about the cosplay or the person in it and I challenge myself to do… […]

I photographed this incredible Harley Quinn Cosplay at Rhode Island Comic Con last month. Some of you may recognize her as the Daenerys Targaryen I photographed last year at Wizard World Philadelphia. Please check out all her amazing cosplays and… […]

Many thanks goes out to all who came out to the Westbridge Camera Club in Columbus on Monday night for the Cosplay 50 Presentation. We had a great turnout and I was thrilled at the amount of interest and questions… […]

I am so excited to be heading to Columbus next week to chat about the Cosplay 50 Project with the Westbridge Camera Club. Thanks goes out to my travel photo friend Roberta for the invite! Details below. The meeting is… […]

We also photographed Commander Criton, Peacekeeper Marauder Sergeant and Peacekeeper from Farscape, Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, Terminator, and She-Hulk. Extra special thanks goes out to Sean, Shannon and Neva for all their help this weekend.

We had a super busy last day here! We photographed The Hound from GOT, “&#%*” in a Box from Saturday Night Live, Scarecrow from Batman, Scarlet Witch, Lux LoL from League of Legends and a Darth Maul/Night King mash-up.

On day two we also photographed Rufio from Peter Pan, Spyro The Dragon, Zhaan and Stark from Farscape, Catwoman, Stealth Captain America (Winter Soldier), Holiday Captain America, Shazam and Pedro Shazam! For more information on Winter Con please check out… […]

Wow, were we busy! We photographed Wez Mad Max, Mohawk Biker from Road Warrior, Lumiere, Winter Starfire, Batman, Missandei from Game of Thrones, and Raven (Hannah Alexander Version). For more information on Winter Con please check out this link –… […]

We are always trying to make this project more special and fun for us and the cosplayers we photograph. We will be on the convention floor looking for amazing cosplayers and handing out Golden Tickets with appointment times for a… […]

We had a great first day here! We photographed Elastigirl, White Tiger Zoid from Power Rangers, Punisher, Reptile from Mortal Kombat, and Maldaesitor the Tiefling Warlock (a personal D&D character). For more information on Winter Con please check out this… […]

The convention starts today and we can’t wait! Please see the attached image for more information on the Cosplay 50 project or check the link in my Instagram Bio. We are on the convention floor for the first time here!… […]

We are here and so excited! We’ve had a bit of change for this convention including the way all the equipment got here! We decided it was time to get a Sprinter Van to go on the rest of the… […]

We have spent the last two weekends photographing Shauna, one of my favorite cosplayers to work with! I met Shauna in 2016 at Wizard World Columbus when I photographed her Supergirl cosplay since then I have photographed her Punk Zelda,… […]

It is pretty last minute for us to do this but we are heading to New York this week for Winter Con! We will be on the convention floor handing out Golden Tickets to amazing cosplayers for a free thirty… […]

A HUGE thank you goes out to the amazing James K. Hamilton for the unbelievable video that he created on the Cosplay 50: The United States of Cosplay Project. He is a true master at video creation from start to… […]

Taking a step back from our Rhode Island Comic Con madness, we continue with our amazing Disney Villain group from Rose City Comic Con.  Ursula was originally supposed to be played by a man for the cosplay friend group (who all… […]

We started off our last day in Rhode Island with an amazing Doctor Strange and continued with stunning cosplays, Gamora (and a special visit from Harley Quinn), Anastasia, Mera from Aquaman, General Martok and The Winter Soldier. Thanks to Sue… […]