Archives by Month: June 2022

I photographed this Daphne from Bridgerton Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. I love the head-to-toe detail in this! It is always the little things that draw my attention to a Cosplayer, like the Bridgerton Ball dance card tied around the… […]

I photographed this jaw-dropping Nightborne from World of Warcraft Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. I am still reeling from all the amazing Cosplays there. I am looking forward to see what we find at our next convention: ConnectiCon XIX 2022… […]

I have always found the many Cosplays of Padme Amidala from Star Wars fascinatingly beautiful. I was thrilled to find this stunning example at Phoenix Fan Fusion. Our next convention is ConnectiCon XIX 2022 in Hartford, CT, July 14-17.

Hope everyone had a great day! I was fortunate enough to photograph gorillas in Rwanda for the second time earlier this year. We stayed at the amazing Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge which is truly a magical experience on all fronts.… […]

The Mad Hatter is always a showstopper in my book! When I found Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts together at Phoenix Fan Fusion I felt like I was in a dream! So thrilled they came in! Our… […]

This really happened at Phoenix Fan Fusion! It was so my lucky day! Tim Burton Mad Hatter Coming Soon…. #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #phoenixfanfusion #phoenixfanfusion2022 #connecticon #connecticon2022 #queenofhearts #queenofheartscosplay #timburtoncosplay #aliceinwonderland #aliceinwonderlandcosplay #madhatter #madhattercosplay #photostudio #photostudiosetup

I photographed this insanely high detailed Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. This was the first time I was at a convention that had a Steampunk Fashion Show! We were too packed in our studio to attend, but did get to… […]

It’s a miracle she came in… I honestly could not get the Golden Ticket out of my bag quick enough while I was blabbering nonsense as I spoke to this amazing Cosplayer! How insanely creative (and time consuming)! Our next… […]

I am speechless are you? Look closely at the details in this dress! #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #profoto #profotousa #phoenixfanfusion #phoenixfanfusion2022 #connecticon #connecticon2022 #hudsonfineart160 #fotonostrum #fotonostrumgallery #beaniebaby #beaniebabycosplay #ty #tycosplay #missty #misstycosplay

I generally shy away from masked Cosplays as the most important thing to me in a portrait is the eyes of the subject. During the pandemic, however, masks were everywhere at the few conventions that I was able to photograph… […]

I can honestly say that in my wildest dreams did I never expected to find a Scarlett O’Hara Cosplay at ANY Comic Convention. I was so thrilled be able to photograph this unbelievable Cosplay. Thanks to the wonderful team of… […]

I love the insanity of conventions. On a busy Friday night in Phoenix I was going up the escalator as I saw this incredible Cosplay going down the opposite side! Luckily, I wear comfortable running shoes… I was off and… […]

I have seen a lot of Cosplayers in our twenty-two states that we have been to but I can honestly say that I had yet to see anything quite like this Cosplay. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this… […]

I photographed this Original Character Cosplay at Rose City Comic Con. The Honest Cosplayer is super talented and I have had the opportunity to photograph her on many occasions in such cosplays as Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ganondorf… […]

I noticed this amazing Cosplayer in the final hours of the convention in Phoenix working with another photographer. I knew she would probably be busy until the end of the convention and gave up hope of being able to shoot… […]

I LOVE obscure Cosplays that I haven’t seen before and am unaware that I should even be looking for them! It was hard to chose which image to post as this Fairy Godmother (from Shrek II) nailed every pose. I… […]

Phoenix was truly insane! Cosplay creators had three years since the last convention and wow did they achieve perfection. I followed this stunning Cosplayer before the convention on Instagram and hoped to catch up with her at the Con. My… […]