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OMG, you have to Google “Nyx Hades” to understand how perfect this Cosplay is from Indiana Comic Convention. The crown, the wings, the chest plate – all are spot-on. Combine that with the fact that I was able to complement… […]

How elaborate is this Princess Harley Quinn Cosplay from FanX in Salt Lake City??? I was taken aback by both the detail and the gorgeousness of this Cosplay. What a great combination and fantastic look!

This original viking is “Grar Ulfhednar from 6th Century Carvin” and I captured him at the Delaware Renaissance Faire. Viking_of_the_northeast learned how to do all of the leatherwork on his own. The craftsmanship is so incredible. I hope that my… […]

I love ingenious Cosplays. This wonderful Zaniba And Haku From Spirited Away is from FanX in Salt Lake City. Hako weighed about 10 lbs and was made from foam and a dryer vent hose!

Oh my gosh – it’s Rosella, or “Ro”! This wonderful Rosella from Barbie as the Island Princess Cosplay was a blast from the past at SiouxperCon in South Dakota. 2007 to be specific! I wonder if Poprockcos can talk to… […]

I photographed this beautiful Original Lady In Waiting from the Italian Renaissance at the Delaware Renaissance Faire. I was hoping to find creations such as this at Delafaire, which was our first Renaissance Fair, and was awestruck at the detail… […]

I photographed this absolutely amazing Gold Armor Wonder Woman Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. This is the second time I have had the opportunity to photograph the amazing Kim_is_Possible, the last time being at Louisville SuperCon as The Queen of… […]

Thanks again to the entire FotoNostrum team who put on such an amazing event and opening for the 19th Pollux Awards. I am always amazed at how large this gallery is and the fact that it is solely dedicated to… […]