Archives by Month: August 2018

The last week has truly been a blur. We photographed 50 people over four days at Wizard World Chicago and there were so many more cosplays I wanted to photograph but sadly we had to sleep! I thought having three… […]

We had another great day in Chicago.  This has been by far my favorite convention I have ever photographed at.  Amazing cosplays were still out today even after the convention closed!  We photographed a Yondu/Mary Poppins mashup, Skeletor from Masters… […]

We had a great afternoon today!  We photographed Lady Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones, Zelda Breath Of the Wild, Delores from Westword, Shuri from Black Panther, M. Bison from Street Fighter and Miguel from CoCo.  Neva (my oldest and… […]

Early in the day today we photographed Moana, Maui and The Genie from Aladdin.  Wishes do come true!! We also photographed Mercy, Madalorian Rogue and Sith Gambit, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Queen Amidala and Robinhood: Men in Tights.  Again, too many… […]

We also photographed one of the most elaborate Princess Peach Cosplays I have ever seen, Clark Kent, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars, Hector from Fire Emblem, Handler from Monster Hunter World and Blood Hunter from Bloodborne.

One post isn’t enough, another one coming shortly! We photographed too many people today for just one post.  Part of our day today was spent with a lovely Tinkerbell, a Viking which was an original character (and so amazing), and… […]

We had a great first day!  This convention is so gigantic that I honestly have nothing to even compare it to. I was thrilled to find Milo and Kida from Atlantis (they have been on my cosplay wishlist for a… […]

We are always trying to make this project more special and fun for us and the cosplayers we photograph. In Chicago we will be handing out Golden Tickets with appointment times.  We are located in Room 46 and will be… […]

Chicago Wizard World will check off our 12th state in our quest to 50! So thankful for all the patient, kind, fun and loving people I get to photograph and work with on this project.  We are in Room 46… […]

We will be on the convention floor looking for amazing cosplayers to photograph for Cosplay 50: The United States of Cosplay.  (Next post will explain more about the project.) Donald E. Stephens Convention Center 5555 North River Road  Rosemont, Illinois… […]

I had the honor of photographing this lovely Moana Cosplay at Wizard World Portland earlier this year.  Please check her out at RainyChickCosplay on Facebook.   We head to WIzard World Chicago on Tuesday, hoping to find a Maui!

This Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay from the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph is probably the most adorable cosplay I have ever seen.  I met Léthe at Wizard World Portland and was blown away by the design, creativity and detail in her… […]

I loved the book, really enjoy the show, and was thrilled to find Handmaids at Wizard World Boise!  Photographed in The Handmaid’s Tale Cosplay are Leah Betts and Katie MacMaster . Social Media info below. Leah Betts – Instagram, Whiteroottarot… […]

If I had to describe cosplayers here I would have say they are tiny in quantity (numbers) but they are mighty in quality.  My favorite!  We had a couple Gender Bent cosplays here including Osvalda CobblePott aka Penguin and a… […]

This is the crazy talented Keely Madison.  Keely has been at every Wizard World Convention I have attended as an exhibitor, performer and of course as an amazing cosplayer.  Out of her many cosplays her Harley Wise Cosplay is one… […]