Archives by Month: January 2020

I photographed this amazing Jester from Critical Role Cosplay at Awesome Con. Please check out _sunsetdragon_ on Instagram for beautiful art and cosplays! Upcoming Conventions Feb 21-23, 2020: LVL UP EXPO, Las Vegas, NV (New State) Mar 12-15, 2020: Emerald… […]

I have had the  honor to photograph Nicole Mazon/faceless.cos in three different states: Wisconsin, Illinois and Rhode Island. Nicole’s done various Arya Stark Cosplays and I can’t describe how incredible the cosplays are! I only hope my photos do it justice.  With… […]

I photographed this Genderbend Cable from X-Men Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con last year. Please check out on Instagram for this and more great cosplays! Upcoming Conventions Feb 21-23, 2020: LVL UP EXPO, Las Vegas, NV (New State)… […]

New York Winter Con hosted a Farscape 20th Anniversary Reunion last year where I photographed this extraordinary Zhaan from Farscape Cosplay. Please check out Poly Chrome on Facebook and polychrome7 on Instagram, who came all the way from Texas to… […]

I photographed this adorable Lumiere Cosplay at New York Winter Con. Please check out annieleecosplay on Instagram and Annie Lee Cosplay and Facebook for this and many more stunning cosplays.

I photographed this breathtaking Mother Gothel at Holiday Matsuri. Please check out masquecharade on Instagram for other great cosplays and designs!

Happy New Year!! Hope your year is full of adventure!  I met this heart warming Carl cosplayer at Rhode Island Comic Con! I was even presented with a Grape Soda pin! Please check out cosplaydadcosplay on Instagram and Cosplay Dad on… […]