Archives by Month: August 2017

I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to photograph the amazing Stefan Luna (stefanluna92 on Instagram) at Colossalcon this year in an Aquaman Cosplay!  

I have photographed the lovely Christina Katsaras (c-katsaras on Instagram)  in three completely different and all absolutely amazing cosplays;  Disgust from Inside Out, a beautiful Arwen from Lord of The Rings and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The greatest thing about cosplay photography is the ever-changing variety of characters that I see. They come from books, movies, television, anime, and pop culture from yesterday and today.  I can barely remember seeing Who Framed Rodger Rabbit so many… […]

I am on the way home from a wonderful trip to Namibia.  The sheer variety of photographic subject matter there is unmatched by any location I have ever traveled to.   Namibia has amazing wildlife, people and landscape photography. It is… […]

I am currently in Namibia and I am at the first hotel of the trip that I have been able to get on that wonderful thing we in the states take for granted – WIFI!  I should mention that I… […]