Archives by Month: July 2023

I photographed this Stilt Spirit Original Character at Wyoming Pop Culture Con in Casper, Wyoming. Congrats goes out to this amazing Cosplayer who loves doing big builds and who finished first in the Kids Cosplay Contest. When I first saw… […]

I photographed this breathtakingly beautiful Fearne from Critical Role at Wyoming Pop Culture Con in Casper, Wyoming. I am heading to the Cloud Forest in Ecuador to photograph hummingbirds, toucans and tanagers (oh,my) until August 8th. Hoping to have wifi… […]

I photographed this hulking eight-foot tall Sauron From Lord of the Rings Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. Hundreds of hours went into this unbelievable masterpiece! I love when Cosplayers show all of the steps involved in a build like this.… […]

Saw the movie this weekend and LOVED IT! There might be a pink car in my future. I photographed this picture perfect Barbie Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. My first Barbie of the project and surely not my last! 2023… […]

Congratulations goes out to our amazing Chewbacca Cosplayer that we photographed at Wyoming Pop Culture Con for coming in First Place in the Adult Cosplay Contest. This Cosplay is completely hand made: all seven feet of it! The head is… […]

State Number 27 is checked off the list! We had another wonderful day here in Wyoming! We photographed Scarlet Witch, The Green Mando, Blue Mando and Ash Ketchum! Our next convention is out west again – Salt Lake FanX Sept.… […]

What a delight to meet the amazing Kristin_Killtastic at Wyoming Pop Culture Con on our first day. We LOVE this Ember McLain From Danny Phantom Cosplay. It was so unique – we have never seen one before! Stay tuned to… […]

We photographed quite the variety of cosplays today: Fearne from Critical Role, Bowsette from Super Mario Brothers, Princess Leia, a Stilt Spirit Original Character, Patsy from Monty Python Search For The Holy Grail and Monty Python Arthur King Of The… […]

I always say in all my photography endeavors I am a quality over quantity type of photographer. If I go on a three week trip to Africa and take 80,000 images (yeah, I know, insane) I will edit maybe 20-30… […]

It’s our 27th State! We will be walking throughout the Convention handing out Golden Tickets for a free thirty minute photoshoot to incredible cosplayers (high-res non logo’d image delivered at a later date). Can’t wait to see who we find… […]

Our adventure continued in Tanzania at Singita Grumeti where we saw the wildebeest/zebra migration and spent the rest of the time with the “best mom ever” lioness and her three, two month old cubs! Thanks to Edward at Singita for… […]