Archives by Month: November 2020

I photographed this Sansa Stark Cosplay at Rhode Island Comic Con. I am in constant awe by the amount of work put into the cosplays that I have the good fortune photograph. This one took one hundred and sixty hours, not… […]

I photographed this unbelievable Mera from Aquaman Cosplay at Rhode Island Comic Con. Rhode Island Comic Con may be held in the smallest state but it is rich in stunning cosplays! Please check out rage_quit_cosplay on Instagram. for more amazing cosplays and… […]

This is a photo I recently reprocessed (with some newly acquired skills) taken in Mongolia. I have to admit it has been kind of nice to be able to take the time and go through some older libraries of images… […]

I photographed this debonair Henry Jones Sr. Cosplay from Indiana Jones at Awesome Con in DC. So saddened to hear of Sean Connerys passing.  Hope everyone stays safe, healthy and well in the days and months  to come.  Please check… […]

I have loved photography since I got my Nikon D70 in 2004. That purchase sparked an obsession of photographic learning that remains with me to this day. Whether it be learning new in-camera techniques, exploring different subject matter, or delving… […]

Supermodels walk among us! My traveling being brought to an abrupt end has given me a chance to catch up on some editing.  This is my amazing Zumba, Hip Hop/MMA, and Tabata Instructor Melissa Heaverlo! Based on this photo it… […]