Autumn in Romania (Orten Effect)

I have loved photography since I got my Nikon D70 in 2004. That purchase sparked an obsession of photographic learning that remains with me to this day. Whether it be learning new in-camera techniques, exploring different subject matter, or delving into the intricacies of lighting, I thrive on enhancing my knowledge of photography.

I wish I could say that my love for processing photos has historically been as deep as my love of taking photos. I learned bits and pieces from different people and relied heavily on Google for what I needed to. Until quarantine I had yet to have taken a formal class in Lightroom or Photoshop.

I highly recommend the online classes that I have been participating in from Tom Bol Photo Workshops. Tom and his wife Cree have been doing online classes via Zoom this year and they have been wonderful. They host small groups, give individual attention, have daily assignments, and offer great feedback. There is even a fun Gallery Zoom party after the class is over! They offer workshops such as Photoshop 1-3, Macro and Bird Photography, Textures Layers, and even Workflow. It is going to be a long winter indoors for many of us. Check them out. They are guaranteed to brighten up your day as well as your photography.  

I just finished Photoshop 3 and learned how to put the Orten Effect to good use on this photo from Romania. I was pretty happy with my results on the same photo posted recently after the Photoshop 2 class but now I have become obsessed with the Orten Effect and am reprocessing many old photos with it!

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