Archives by Month: June 2017

She made an unbelievably realistic Queen Amidala that I previously posted and here Sara Roman does it again with Padme from Star Wars Cosplay.  Can’t wait to work with her again!

It is always a pleasure to photograph the lovely Shauna Scarlett, as she has an amazing variety of cosplays and is just a dream (pun intended) to work with.  I was super excited when she brought her I Dream of… […]

This Zombie Princess Peach Cosplay is the most memorable cosplay that I have seen to date.  Princess Peach is from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers, while the zombie twist is provided by the amazing Madison Wilkinson.  At Wizard World Iowa I had… […]

For the second year in a row I have had to pleasure of photographing Olivia Marie (Lipsticknrosess) at Colossalcon.  I love her many variations of a Harley Quinn Cosplay.  Please check out her out at the above Instagram link and… […]

Rey from Star Wars is one of the most popular cosplays I have seen over the last year.  This past year I have also photographed many graduating seniors, including Sydney pictured here.  Congratulations to the lovely Sydney Dyke who was… […]

The one and only Jack Sparrow is back!  I photographed this amazing Jack Sparrow Cosplay for the first time at Columbus Wizard World last year and it was my favorite cosplay photo that I had taken to date. The pressure was… […]

I love seeing new and amazing cosplays!  Aloy is the main character in the game Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 4 that came out earlier this year.  I was drawn to the cosplay as both her and her character projected an insane… […]

This great Captain Hook Cosplay that I spotted at Colossalcon this year was shockingly the first one I have seen at any convention that I have ever been to. I will post my “Cosplay Photography wish list” in a future… […]

Happy Birthday Natalie Portman who played the amazing Padmé Amidala in Star Wars. Congratulations to the newly graduated, beautiful Sara Roman photographed here as Queen Amidala. Sara won the 2016 Wizard World Cleveland Cosplay Contest in March of 2017 with… […]

I had a great weekend at Colossalcon photographing an eclectic smattering of cosplays ranging from beautiful mermaids to haunting villains. We saw familiar faces from Ohio as well as new ones from New York, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and more! This… […]