I Dream of Jeannie Cosplay

It is always a pleasure to photograph the lovely Shauna Scarlett, as she has an amazing variety of cosplays and is just a dream (pun intended) to work with.  I was super excited when she brought her I Dream of Jeannie Cosplay to Colossalcon this year.   I have mentioned in past posts my Top Ten List of Cosplays I would love to photograph.  Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Queen of Hearts
  2. Coraline
  3. Mavis from Hotel Transylvania
  4. Edna Mode  from The Incredibles
  5. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers
  6. Corpse Bride
  7. Inside Out Characters
  8. Jareth and Sarah from the Labyrinth
  9. Delores and Teddy from WestWorld
  10. Maui from Moana

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