Archives by Month: May 2022

I have seen many Queen of Hearts Cosplays but never has one taken my breath away as much as this one. She may look the part of the Queen of Hearts but personality wise she is not comparable, in fact,… […]

We also photographed Lady Death from Coffin Comics, Wonder Woman, Lady Irene and DreamXD from Minecraft and Valkyrie as Reimagined by Zach Fischer. Always an exciting time loading on the freight elevator…truly the stuff nightmares are made of but worth… […]

The best Sunday we have ever had at convention! We photographed Daphne Bridgerton, Bombshell Raven and Starfire (DC Comics Version), Howl Pendragon and Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle, Bridgerton Snow White Mashup, and Christine Dye from Phantom Of the… […]

And still more!! We also photographed Steam Punk Ursula, The Plague Doctor, Queen Zelda Legend and Royal Guard Link, Tim Burton Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter, Ningguang Genshin Impact and Scarlett O’Hara. Photographed in earlier posts, Nightbourne from World… […]

What an incredible day we had! We photographed Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey and Padme Amidala from Star Wars, Rainbow Brite Steampunk Version, Nala The Raven Queen and Lovan King of the Crows (Original Characters), Death, War and Pestilence Horseman of the… […]

Phoenix Fan Fusion is absolutely fabulous! #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #photostudio #photostudiosetup #profoto #profotousa #phoenixfanfusion #phoenixfanfusion2022 #nightborne

This day has been absolutely swamped with unbelievable Cosplays! I am having SO much fun!!! #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #photostudio #photostudiosetup #profoto #profotousa #phoenixfanfusion #phoenixfanfusion2022

We had such an amazing first day at Phoenix Fan Fusion! We photographed a record 10 Cosplayers on our first day, photographing three Original Characters! Our Cosplayers included Chuckie Girl, a Demented Preachers Wife, Dumbledore and Fawkes from Harry Potter,… […]

Ursula Cosplay (20’s Inspired)  I photographed the stunning Ursula Cosplay at Rose City Comic Con.  I also photographed her in 2019 as The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella.  I love families that cosplay together, last time this family did Cinderella and… […]

I love when I get the opportunity to photograph quiet moments in wildlife photography.  Those images speak the loudest of all to me. 

I photographed this uncanny Penguin Cosplay from Batman Returns at Rose City Comic Con. I loved photographing cosplay in the Pacific Northwest during the pandemic, everyone matched their cosplays and masks perfectly! 

My favorite place to photograph bears is Alaska.  I am heading back this year for the fourth time.  I love doing a walking safari with them as they are so focused on catching the best salmon full of eggs that… […]

Davros from Dr. Who Cosplay I photographed this unbelievable Davros from Dr. Who Cosplay at Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo in Alabama. Definitely on the hunt for more Dr. Who villains at upcoming conventions now! Speaking of….. We are… […]

I love capturing fleeting moments in wildlife photography.  This mom and baby giraffe was photographed at Wilderness Safaris Mombo Camp in Botswana. Thanks goes out to my guide Ant for just being all around amazing.  I shot this with an… […]

“World of Wildlife” Akron Camera Club Presentation – Tomorrow!! May 11, 2022 at 7:00pm EDST at the Westwood Village Condo Community Room, 175 Court Drive, Fairlawn. I always have a blast speaking at this club. I started out in photography… […]