Archives by Month: October 2023

It’s been quite a few years since I have done an engagement photo! Congrats to Souleater Forest Demon (Original Character) and Soul Reaver (Original Character) who got engaged yesterday at The Delaware Renaissance Faire!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. Make sure you zoom into all of the wonderful details and colors in this incredible Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda that we found at SiouxperCon in South Dakota. The more you zoom the more goodness… […]

We are at The Delaware Renaissance Faire! We have a lot to post, but virtually no Internet access through which to post it! Here is a selfie until we get back to the hotel to bring everyone up to speed.… […]

Um, wow. Do I even have to say anything about this crazy good Mandalorian from Wyoming Pop Culture Con? This father was part of an entire family of Star Wars Cosplayers!

Doctor Robotnik was a blast to shoot at SiouxperCon in South Dakota. My oldest Lee worked on Sonic Prime, so this Cosplay has extra special meaning to me!

Our crew had an amazing time in Bangor. I love Maine in general and as our winters get less snowy here in Ohio there’s a possibility that one day I may live there. We visited the former home of Stephen… […]

This Cosplay is a total original named Deconstructed Disney that we found at FanX in Salt Lake City. It took many hours to make this dream a reality! It is a true work of art. We are at home for… […]

Continuing our Mario bonanza, this Toadette is from FanX in Salt Lake City. The mushroom top is just so cute!

Here is the in-character Boosette from FanX in Salt Lake City!!! In my head she’s still my little princess, just with a bit more mischievousness! We are currently at Bangor Comic & Toy Con in the Cross Insurance Center, Meeting… […]

This Boosette from FanX in Salt Lake City follows our Bowsette from Wyoming Pop Culture Con. I was done editing this Cosplay a while ago, but the model release had “Booette” on it and some of the crew were insisting… […]

Bowsette from Wyoming Pop Culture Con is the first in Super Mario Bros. miniseries of Golden Ticket posts! Look at how fun the Cosplay is – it was even more fun when I learned some of the backstory! We are… […]

What do I do when this massive All Terrain Reconnaissance Transport from Star Wars (otherwise known as an AT-RT) comes into my studio at SiouxperCon in South Dakota? I jump for joy that my space is big enough so I… […]

What a delight it was to have this colorful Original Character Fairy Gay Mother in our studio at SiouxperCon in South Dakota! For a photographer, all of these vivid colors are just a dream come true. A simple white background… […]

We had an amazing space – instead of being in a room with a door we were in a corridor that was piped and draped. I am guessing the area was about 25’ wide by 60’ long. It’s hard for… […]