Archives by Month: April 2019

We had a great last day at Awesome Con. We photographed The Night Queen from Game of Thrones, Prince Akeem from Coming to America, Edna Mode and Violet Parr from The Incredibles, Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture… […]

We had a great second day here. I am always searching for a bit more of an obscure cosplay or a very popular cosplay with a twist, done a little differently to make it stand out. That sums up this… […]

There are some people that I photograph that truly take my breath away as they embody the character in every facet. This Theodore Roosevelt Cosplay was one of those. I actually (sounds insane I know) get chills and tremble when… […]

We had am amazing day today. The convention is HUGE and we spent most of our day just getting our bearings. Fridays are normally a bit slower for finding cosplayers but somehow we found some AWESOME ones. I can’t imagine… […]

Awesome Con is number 16 in our quest to all 50 states. We are still booking conventions for this year but as of now it looks like we will be on state number twenty as of September of this year.

We are so excited to be at Awesome Con in Washington DC this weekend. We are located in Room 203 and will be out on the floor handing out Golden Tickets to amazing cosplayers. FRIDAY: 12 PM – 8 PM  SATURDAY: 10… […]

At Wizard World Chicago last year I photographed the amazing faceless.cos on Instagram (Nicole Mazon on Facebook) as Arya for the second time. This time in a Season Five Arya Cosplay. Happy GOT Season 8 Premiere Day!

I have to apologize for my absence in posting for the last couple of weeks. The adventure of Australia/Tasmania followed by the most amazing convention that I have ever been to (Emerald City Comic Con) lead to my right arm… […]