Archives by Month: September 2018

Throwback Thursday last minute post! I photographed this Orion Mercy from Overwatch Cosplay at Colossalcon 2017.  Please check her out on Instagram as lostboycosplay and Facebook as Brianna Craycroft.  She also has an amazing Shego  Cosplay from Kim Possible.

I am so fortunate to have spotted this amazing Tinkerbell Cosplay at Wizard World Chicago.  She was headed out for the day so we only had about five to ten minutes together but I was thrilled to get any time… […]

I photographed this stunning Batgirl Cosplay at Wizard World Portland earlier this year.  This is the beautiful Alice Leask on Facebook and alicex44 on Instagram.  Thanks also goes out to her amazing mom tracey_who_sews on Instagram for making this eye-catching… […]

Thanks so much to A Smile and A Song Cosplay for sharing this photo and giving a shout out to the Cosplay 50 Project.  I never even thought that it was possible for 19,000 people to even see my photos… […]

I was thrilled to recently be interviewed for an article in Voyage ATL, an online magazine based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Thanks to Shelly Tuscano from Voyage ATL and fellow photographer David B Lile for recommending me and for all… […]

I loved this Aladdin Cosplay from Colossalcon 2017.  Red Solo Cup as a hat….brilliant! Seems fitting to share this one right after The Genie.  I still have many older cosplay  photos to process so now one will go up each… […]

The Genie from Aladdin Cosplay has been on my wishlist for a long time and I have to admit I nearly tackled Micheal Wilson (Knightmage) at Wizard World Chicago to photograph him.  I bring a solid grey seamless paper background… […]

I was so excited at Wizard World Portland this year when I saw this amazing Dolores Umbridge Cosplay!  She has been on my cosplay wishlist for a long time now and I was thrilled to check her off.  Please check… […]

What can I say about A Smile and A Song Cosplay, who I met and photographed for the first time at Chicago Wizard World? UNREAL is the word that comes to mind. This is her Mina Ashido Cosplay from My… […]