Thank you all!

Thanks so much to A Smile and A Song Cosplay for sharing this photo and giving a shout out to the Cosplay 50 Project.  I never even thought that it was possible for 19,000 people to even see my photos on Instagram much less like them! Thanks to all who liked, followed and checked out other photos from the project.  Hugs to you all, thanks for making my week!  Below is the original post from last week.

What can I say about A Smile and A Song Cosplay, who I met and photographed for the first time at Chicago Wizard World? UNREAL is the word that comes to mind. This is her Mina Ashido Cosplay from My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is a japanese superhero manga series that was adapted to a show and now a movie that is to be released in the states on Sept. 25. Please check her out on Instagram at a_smile_and_a_song_ and on Facebook at A Smile and A Song Cosplay.

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