Archives by Month: January 2019

Elsa has been hard at work here in Ohio the last couple of days with temperatures below zero and winds that remind me of one blustery day when I was in Antarctica a few years ago.  I photographed this Elsa… […]

This is a Coraline and Wybie Cosplay to go along with The Other Mother Cosplay posted before this.  They are all characters from the movie Coraline which was released in 2009. It is a classic in our family.  I was… […]

The Other Mother is a character from the movie Coraline which was released in 2009. It is a classic in our family.  I was thrilled to photograph Michelle Delehanty and her family as characters from the movie at Wizard World… […]

This two were so amazing! Wizard World St. Louis was the first time I saw a Blues Brothers Cosplay.   Please check out Chuck Colson and Douglas Colson on Facebook.  I will upload an iphone video of them singing to Facebook… […]

Throwback to a great convention in my home state of Ohio at ColossalCon in 2017.  Rapunzel Cosplay by Moinamoss on Facebook.  If I remember correctly her hair weighed over 15 pounds!

I photographed this Lucius Malfoy Cosplay at Louisville Supercon last year.  Please check out stitche626 on Instagram or on Facebook as StitchE626.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph him as I have been a follower of his… […]

I love the snow! Here in Ohio we have a measly powdering of snow on the ground.  Just waiting and dreaming for more to come.  Last year I photographed Winter in Yellowstone with American Nature Photography Workshops, the cold, snow,… […]

I photographed this Osvalda Cobblepott Cosplay at Wizard World Winston-Salem.  I love this Genderbent version of The Penguin! Please check out rotdoll on Instagram, she also does an incredible Elvira and Riddler and more!

I was thrilled to check this Maui Cosplay off my cosplay wishlist at Wizard World Chicago. Please check this amazing Maui from Moana Cosplay out on Instagram as misterpcosplay and on Facebook as Allan Pugeda.  He also does some great… […]

Happy New Year!  I have a wishlist of cosplays I would like to photograph and at conventions I am always on the lookout for those.  However, when I see a cosplay like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove that  instantly… […]