Archives by Month: June 2023

Teri Manchen and I are having an exciting (as always) adventure with the wonderful Suzi Eszterhas! We are about halfway through our adventure, leaving Botswana and heading to Tanzania (a glorious 24 hour travel day to get there, thank you… […]

What if Anakin’s life had taken a different path? I photographed this Senator Anakin Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. The detail in this Cosplay was unbelievable. I loved the concept and truly hope I did it justice in a photograph.… […]

This is my childhood dreams come true Cosplay! I didn’t even put this on my Cosplay wishlist because I had no idea anyone was doing it! This takes me back my youth and I hope it does for some of… […]

Squeal!! I couldn’t believe this unbelievable pirate I photographed at Indiana Comic Convention. What can I say about the incredible Pirate William McBones? I really feel like this photo speaks volumes on its own! The textures in the clothing blew… […]

I photographed this other-worldly Blue Diamond from Steven Universe at Indiana Comic Convention. I love how the skin color, eyes and hair jump off the white background here. It’s amazing how some Cosplays/models just command a room, no pose needed.… […]

I photographed this striking Aelin from Throne Of Glass Cosplay at Indiana Comic Convention. I loved how everything about this Cosplay worked together seamlessly – eye gaze, background, pose, expression, along with the amazing details and texture on the Cosplay.… […]