Africa Adventure Part One

Teri Manchen and I are having an exciting (as always) adventure with the wonderful Suzi Eszterhas! We are about halfway through our adventure, leaving Botswana and heading to Tanzania (a glorious 24 hour travel day to get there, thank you Covid and airline issues/changes because of it ). We celebrated Suzi’s Birthday In Johannesburg then went to Mashatu in Botswana and had quite a shock when Lions joined us at the elephant hide. We then went to Jacks Camp and photographed meerkats, brown hyenas, an amazing sighting of a line of elephants crossing the salt pan (truly breathtaking) and bushman. Thanks to my amazing assistant and adventurous friend Teri and of course lots of thanks to Suzi for taking us to such unbelievable locations.
#susanonyskophotography #jackscamp #photomashatu #safari #botswana #mashatu #photomashatuhides #makgadikgadi #jackcampbotswana #jackscampmakgadikgadi

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