Archives by Month: November 2016

Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, a book and television series. I photographed her at Wizard World Columbus this year.

Red is my far my favorite color to photograph. I love how it just pops off the screen. This is Ruby Rose from RWBY an anime web series, photographed at Colossalcon earlier this year.

This is Yoko Littner from the Japanese anime television series Gurren Lagann, photographed at Colossalcon this year.

I am very excited to be doing another out of state convention.  This one is quite a bit further than the state next door.  I will have a room at Wizard World New Orleans!  The hours are below.  I book appointments until an hour… […]

I am super excited to be judging at the Erie Shores Photography Club tonight! They are a unique club that I judge at as they have Themes for their Competition Night. Tonight the theme is “Close to Home”, “Head and… […]

I love to photograph people when I travel.  As my photography skills have improved over the years I have went from strictly using available light for portraits to using speedlights and larger battery powered flash units.  I love having control… […]

…social media was a happy place full of harmless and thoughtful commentaries from your friends and family with some pretty photos?  I do and I want it back!  I am so tired of all of the poisonous thoughts being posted. I spent… […]

The man of many faces..Just Some Nerd (facebook cosplay page) was also the amazing Jack Sparrow that I photographed at Wizard World Columbus this year. I love when people come in for photos over the course of multiple days at… […]

I know I use to watch this show as a kid!  Look familiar?  Sorceress of Castle GraySkull from He-Man and The Masters of the Universe.  Handmade with real peacock feathers, unbelievable!