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Well, this never, ever happens… at least to me anyway. This photograph was taken the first morning of a workshop with Tom Bol Photo Workshops at Gates Pass in Saguaro National Park, Arizona. I started out using a wide-angle lens… […]

My favorite place to photograph bears is Alaska.  I am heading back this year for the fourth time.  I love doing a walking safari with them as they are so focused on catching the best salmon full of eggs that… […]

I still love those soft, delicate flower photos. I have been using a Lensbaby to accentuate some Petal Love.

I love having the chance to be in class in my home with people from all over the world. It warms my heart to still be able to be with people even if not in person together. I love learning… […]

I love when I can multi purpose photo accessories for different genres of photography. I originally got Fractal Filters for cosplay photography and was just starting to test them out at conventions when the pandemic hit. Fractal Filters are different… […]

I have been taking a Fine Art Flower Photography Workshop with Kathleen Clemons at Sante Fe Workshops (online). I cannot recommend it more. It is a wonderful way to get through this last home stretch of the year (or more)… […]

It is my first time home for the holidays in many years and so happy the snow started flying today! Happy Holidays, everyone! Hoping with all the excitement of Christmas tomorrow I can get out in my bird blind. Dark-eyed… […]

I photographed this debonair Henry Jones Sr. Cosplay from Indiana Jones at Awesome Con in DC. So saddened to hear of Sean Connerys passing.  Hope everyone stays safe, healthy and well in the days and months  to come.  Please check… […]

Supermodels walk among us! My traveling being brought to an abrupt end has given me a chance to catch up on some editing.  This is my amazing Zumba, Hip Hop/MMA, and Tabata Instructor Melissa Heaverlo! Based on this photo it… […]

I always have a wonderful time with the lovely ShaunaScarlett on Instagram, Shauna Topaz on Facebook. I first photographed her back in 2016 as Supergirl. Since then I have photographed her as XD Punk Zelda, Black Cat, Rey, a Hannah… […]

Florida Supercon was so amazing for us! We met Avi Ram and Kyle Vest from Season 2 of Skin Wars and had numerous shoots with full body painted cosplays.  Kyle Vest from Season 2 of Skin Wars not only painted Melanie Tonkin as Betty Cooper from a… […]

How long does it take for someone to really go a bit insane quarantining? Speaking from my own personal experience about four to six months. That is how long it took me to start seeing the personalities of each flower… […]

When I saw this Spock cosplay at Rose City Comic Con I was speechless. Actually, speechless is an understatement. Few cosplayers come into my studio that are so true to life realistic that they give me chills. There were times… […]

I photographed this captivating Weiss Schnee from RWBY Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida.  Please check out this cosplay and many more at

I photographed this glamorous Snow White Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida.  Please check out Masumi Senpai on Facebook and masumisenpai on Instagram for this and an unreal variety of other cosplays.  

I photographed this captivating Xayah From League Of Legends Cosplay at Florida Supercon in Miami Beach. I love all the different skins in League of Legends, they give endless opportunities for photography. Please check out Taylor Griffin on Facebook and Griffintaro on Instagram.  

Loving the Kaiser Slimlite Plano Lightbox and how items on it seem to be suspended in mid-air. Any guesses what these are? Thanks to Visual Wilderness, Padma Inguva and Alan Shapiro for sparking my interest in this type of photography!