Archives by Month: May 2019

I always have a blast with the lovely ShaunaScarlett on Instagram, Shauna Topaz on Facebook. I first photographed her back in 2016 as Supergirl. Since then I have photographed her as XD Punk Zelda, Black Cat, Rey, a Hannah Alexander… […]

I have photographed many a Rapunzel, but what a treat to find this Mother Gothel Cosplay at Awesome Con in Washington DC. Please check out amanda_healed on Instagram. She has so many great cosplays, one of my personal favorites is… […]

Can you say perfection in a cosplay!? To me this is it, character, skill, temperament, and oh so amazing! I was thrilled when I found this Jane Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con. Please check out stephpipercosplay on Instagram. Upcoming… […]

The longer I work on the Cosplay 50 Project the more I notice different types of cosplayers that come into my studio.  I have to imagine it’s a bit intimidating when they walk in to see mountains of photo gear, assistants,… […]

What a day! We photographed Pennywise and her service dog in training Georgie, Merida, a Hannah Alexander Starfire, Mork, Freddie Mercury, Junkrat and had a very special wedding proposal with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel (more photos and proposal coming… […]

I was thrilled to photograph this Gaige from Borderlands Cosplay at Day One of Motor City Comic Con. Borderlands is a video game series. I love the Borderlands cosplays and the freedom they provide in post-processing the image. Please check… […]

We had a great first day here. We photographed Gaige from Borderlands and Hiccup and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. Astrid was actually a repeat cosplayer for us as I photographed her at one of my first conventions… […]

SUBURBAN COLLECTION SHOWPLACE, 46100 Grand River Avenue, NOVI, MI 48374 FRIDAY, MAY 17TH, 2019 – SUNDAY, MAY 19TH, 2019 – ALL DAY FRI – 12:00PM – 7:00PM , SAT 10:00AM – 7:00PM, SUN 10:00AM – 5:00PM Super excited to photograph… […]

When I saw this Klaus Hargreeves Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con I thought it was the actor Robert Sheehan from The Umbrella Academy. I heard some comments as he would walk by at the convention that he even made… […]

I love this unique Megara Cosplay that I photographed at Awesome Con. Megara is from the Disney movie Hercules. Please check out ScarletJewelCosplay on Instagram, she has so many amazing cosplays!

We had way too much fun photographing this Mojo Jojo Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con. Please check out Christopher Vance on Facebook and Christopher.vance90 on Instagram. Mojo Jojo is from The Powerpuff Girls. Upcoming Conventions Motor City Comic Con… […]

I just love this Vintage Ursula Cosplay that I photographed at Emerald City Comic Con. Her catch phrase was “Souls are a girl’s best friend” – so adorable! Please check out the absolutely lovely Miss.Tyo on Instagram and Miss.Tyo on… […]

I photograph many well known characters from Game of Thrones so I love it when I find one thats a bit more obscure. Please check out jt_francis on Instagram. He even grew the beard out just for this cosplay, thats… […]

I photographed The Night Queen Cosplay from Game of Thrones at Awesome Con. Stunning! Please check her out on social media. She has many amazing cosplays including an unreal Valkyrie. Hoping our paths will cross again! Cosplayer Instagram – Maweezy… […]