I photographed this amazing Jester from Critical Role Cosplay at Awesome Con. Please check out _sunsetdragon_ on Instagram for beautiful art and cosplays! Upcoming Conventions Feb 21-23, 2020: LVL UP EXPO, Las Vegas, NV (New State) Mar 12-15, 2020: Emerald… […]

I have had the  honor to photograph Nicole Mazon/faceless.cos in three different states: Wisconsin, Illinois and Rhode Island. Nicole’s done various Arya Stark Cosplays and I can’t describe how incredible the cosplays are! I only hope my photos do it justice.  With… […]

I photographed this Genderbend Cable from X-Men Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con last year. Please check out lost.at.the.con on Instagram for this and more great cosplays! Upcoming Conventions Feb 21-23, 2020: LVL UP EXPO, Las Vegas, NV (New State)… […]

New York Winter Con hosted a Farscape 20th Anniversary Reunion last year where I photographed this extraordinary Zhaan from Farscape Cosplay. Please check out Poly Chrome on Facebook and polychrome7 on Instagram, who came all the way from Texas to… […]

I photographed this adorable Lumiere Cosplay at New York Winter Con. Please check out annieleecosplay on Instagram and Annie Lee Cosplay and Facebook for this and many more stunning cosplays.

I photographed this breathtaking Mother Gothel at Holiday Matsuri. Please check out masquecharade on Instagram for other great cosplays and designs!

Happy New Year!! Hope your year is full of adventure!  I met this heart warming Carl cosplayer at Rhode Island Comic Con! I was even presented with a Grape Soda pin! Please check out cosplaydadcosplay on Instagram and Cosplay Dad on… […]

Top Nine of 2019! Thank you all, what a great variety! In our top nine we have special moments, behind the scenes images and some of my personal favorites from this year and years past. We have cosplayers from six… […]

The styling was so adorable on this Cindy Lou Who Cosplay! I was so impressed with the creation of the hair and headpiece! Please check out iheart.natalie on Instagram and I Heart. Natalie on Facebook for this and more!

This Mercy Christmas Angel Skin from Overwatch Cosplay that I photographed at Holiday Matsuri was simply breathtaking! Please check out thegirlwithagreatsmile on Instagram and January Cosplay on Facebook for this and tons of other amazing cosplays. Upcoming Conventions Feb 21-23,… […]

All I can say is Merry Christmas! This Klaus and Effect Cosplay was simply magical… (will post more on their stunning creation later) Please check out Klaus/Father Christmas on Instagram at _kpaxx_ and on Facebook at Kyle Paxton. Please check… […]

I have photographed several Sailor Moon Cosplays before but never a Holiday version! Please check out Sparsle on Instagram for other Sailor Moon Cosplays and more! Upcoming Conventions Feb 21-23, 2020: LVL UP EXPO, Las Vegas, NV (New State) Mar… […]

I was thrilled to find some “Cats” at Holiday Matsuri. We photographed The Magical Mister Mistoffelees, Victoria, and this Rum Tum Tugger “Cats” Cosplays. Please check out this and many other amazing cosplays at Angelic Daze Cosplay on Facebook and… […]

I was thrilled to find this amazing Snowstorm Sivir From League of Legends Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri.  We added some blue gels on my new backdrop from PhotoPie Backdrops to add some moodiness to the scene.  I love how it all turned… […]

This afternoon we had some amazing group cosplays. We photographed the Nintendo Princesses, Fairly Odd Parents, and a Comfy Disney Villains group. We also photographed a stunning Snow White, and the most amazing Holiday Cosplay of the weekend that I… […]

Another busy day here! We have had another record day with eighteen cosplayers photographed. This morning we photographed Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors, Zach Fair and Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy. Some of the Holiday Cosplays photographed include… […]

We also photographed some wonderful groups today! From Cats we photographed The Magical Mister Mistoffolees, Victoria, and Rum Tum Tugger. We photographed Crowley and Aziraphale from Good Omens, Usagi Sailor Moon and Luna Sailor Moon Holiday Cosplays. We are located… […]

What a day! At most conventions we attend we photograph a small selection of cosplayers, 20-30 ish during the entire weekend. Its Day One here and we have photographed 16 already, so it’s a great convention for us. This morning… […]

I swear there is peppermint in the air here!! So excited to be at Holiday Matsuri.  We are all set up and located in the Biscayne Room in the North Tower, Second Floor (not Key Largo as previously mentioned).  We were thrilled… […]