I photographed this crazy unique and stunning Aziraphale from Good Omens Cosplay at ConnectiCon. I cannot wait for Season 2 of Good Omens to come out! If you have not seen the first season, you are missing out! I just… […]

I will be attending the Closing Reception on August 27, 6:30-9pm. If you have not seen the show or are out of the area please check out the Online Gallery here: https://www.thegalleryatfairmount.com/. #susanonyskophotography #nikonnofilter #africanwildlife #wildlifephotography #fineartwildlifephotography #naturephotography #fineartnaturephotography #africanwildlifephotography… […]

I photographed this radiant Keyleth From Critical Role Cosplay at ConnectiCon. I will be traveling a lot in the next couple of months in Alaska and New Zealand but right after New Zealand we will be heading to our next… […]

I photographed this stunning Yoimiya from Genshin Impact Cosplay at ConnectiCon! I spent a couple of weeks in the Galápagos Islands and had an amazing time with some wonderful people and incredible photos but so happy to be back home.… […]

I love when Cosplay seamlessly melds with the art world. This Sakizou from Fantasy of the Dream Cosplay was inspired by a Japanese Illustrator. This amazing Cosplayer won the Advanced Adult Masters Craftsmanship at this year’s ConnectiCon! Congratulations!! A special… […]

I love photographing Original Characters! When I have a well-known Cosplay to edit I feel like I need to stick within some preset boundaries. With Original Character Cosplays I feel like I can let “the rules” go and create much… […]

I about fell over when I saw the headpiece on this Death from Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. So amazing, that and the face paint combined with it. SO GOOD! It is when I find headpieces… […]

I photographed this otherworldly Lady Death from Coffin Comics at Phoenix Fan Fusion. This is the second time I had the pleasure of photographing her, the first being at one of my first conventions in 2016! So great to be… […]

Merida from Brave, another in our lovely Disney Witches Group from ConnectiCon. Exquisite, right? Love all the detail in this Cosplay! Our next convention is Tsubasacon, Charleston WV October 7th – 9th.

This is another member of the amazing Disney Witches Cosplay Group we photographed at ConnectiCon. Rapunzel radiated light and sunshine much like her character! More of them coming… Our next convention is Tsubasacon, Charleston WV October 7th – 9th.

I photographed this adorable Alice in Wonderland Cosplay at ConnectiCon. She was with an incredible group of Disney Witches that visited with us. I can’t wait to post more of this amazing group! Our next convention is Tsubasacon, Charleston WV… […]

I photographed this other worldly DreamXD from Minecraft Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. I think this is my first Minecraft Cosplay that I have photographed… definitely not my last! Our next convention is Tsubasacon, Charleston WV October 7th – 9th.

I photographed this exquisite Christine Dye from Phantom Of The Opera at Phoenix Fan Fusion. The detail in the back of the dress was simply stunning! Our next convention is Tsubasacon, Charleston WV October 7th – 9th.

This is the second half of the delightful Mother/Daughter Cosplay Duo (the Ice Queen was posted yesterday)! Gunter From Adventure Time, another rare gem for me to find at ConnectiCon! Our next convention is Tsubasacon, Charleston WV October 7th –… […]

This is such an amazingly and obscure Cosplay! I believe The Ice Queen was in one episode of Adventure Time! I was floored by just the first half of this Mother/Daughter Cosplay Duo! Mother is coming up next… you will… […]

It is rare that a Cosplay makes me want to discover a new novel or show but this one definitely did. Anybody read The Wheel of Time Fantasy Novels or discover the first season on Amazon Prime? The love and… […]

Words or a photo really can’t describe the detail or enormity of this Cosplay. This Ben Franklin Mashup Warhammer 40k took two years to build and made its debut at ConnectiCon. It is headed to compete at the Cosplay Central… […]

We had such a fabulous time this weekend. My Pixar nails were a big hit, not as big a hit as the humongous Ben Franklin/Warhammer Cosplay we photographed though! I didn’t think she would fit in the door of room,… […]

Day 3 was wonderful! We had 6 wonderful cosplayers in today. Clean up was a breeze! Thanks to our amazing crew John (for load in and tech support) Sean, Sue and Olivia! #susanonyskophotography #cosplay50 #connecticon #connecticon2022 #wendycosplay #delorescosplay #encantocosplay #peterpancosplay… […]