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Photo Assistant Extraordinaire Sean has left Portland, Oregon for our home base in Ohio. He will cover 2,466 miles to get there and pass through nine states. It is our second time that we attended Rose City Comic Con and… […]

I was thrilled to work with the Voyage Group of Magazines again, this time with SHOUTOUT ATLANTA. Please check out Happiness: it’s what matters for an interview and images from the cosplay and travel world that I so miss.

 I photographed this captivating Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri.  Fruits Basket is a Japanese manga and anime series. Please check out ineedsugar31 on Instagram and I Need Sugar Cosplay on Facebook.

I photographed this exquisite Mollymauk from Critical Role Cosplay at Rose City Comic Con.  We are hoping to get back to Rose City in 2021, fingers crossed! Please check out Madam Mustard Seed on Facebook and madammustardseed on Instagram.

I photographed this graceful Ariel Cosplay at Awesome Con in Washington D.C.. Please check out amanda_healed on Instagram for this and a dizzying amount of other beautiful cosplays.

Happy New Year! Top Nine of 2020!  Ragyo Kiryuin Cosplay – Holiday Matsuri, Orlando, Florida, Gc-chan Cosplay (FB), gc_chan_cosplay (IG) Maleficent Cosplay – Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, Washington, Anastazia Nichole (FB), anastazianichole (IG) Anastasia Cosplay – Rhode Island Comic Con, Nerenight… […]

I photographed this spot-on Gilderoy Lockhart Cosplay from Harry Potter at Rose City Comic Con. Love the Witch Weekly detail! Please check out Brottlunds Muggle Magic on Facebook and brottlundsmugglemagic on Instagram for this, magic and many other wonderful cosplays! 

I photographed this glamorous Ursula Cosplay from The Little Mermaid at Louisville Supercon.  Louisville Supercon has since turned into GalaxyCon Louisville. Please check out Leigh Ann Cottongim Barcellona on Facebook.

I photographed this adorable Froppy Cosplay from My Hero Academia at Louisville Supercon. The bokeh is straight out of camera using earring stickers. Please check out Alex DeBerry on Facebook and alex_cosplays on Instagram.

This is one of the first cartoon characters that I remember (whoa, that dates me a little!).  I photographed this beautiful Penelope Pitstop Cosplay at Awesome Con in Washington D.C.  Please check out amishmoth on Instagram.  

This is another unique, classic cosplay that I have only seen once and was thrilled to find! I photographed this Prince Akeem from Coming to America Cosplay at Awesome Con. Due to other travel plans we will not be at Awesome Con this… […]

I photographed this stunning Wonder Woman at Wizard World New Orleans (and also again as Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket Cosplay posted yesterday). I have shared this before and had to again, the transformation and variety of cosplays Remy Domino Cosplay… […]

I photographed this extraordinary Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri.  Fruits Basket is a Japanese manga and anime series.  I was shocked when I approached this cosplayer as once again I did not recognize someone I had… […]

This is one of the most amazing cosplay that I  have ever photographed. Crazy detail to perfection everywhere combined with moving, folding wings!  I photographed this Kanzaki Ranko Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida.  Kanzaki Ranko is part of… […]

I photographed this absolutely stunning Warrior Rapunzel Cosplay at Florida Supercon.  I love when cosplayers take a common cosplay and turn it into something never seen before.  The headpiece on this was amazing!  Please check out virtusoliscosplay on Instagram.

I was thrilled to find this Tyreen from Borderlands Cosplay at Rose City Comic Con!  The detail in this cosplay is simply amazing and the model is truly breathtaking, can’t get any better than that!  Please check out Dali Darling… […]

I was so excited to find this Rufio from Hook Cosplay at New York WinterCon!  I consider Rufio to be a somewhat rare cosplay as it was the first time I had seen it at any convention! Please check out… […]

I photographed this hauntingly beautiful Scarlet Witch Cosplay at New York WinterCon.  Please check out this up and coming cosplayer at sydrelx on Instagram.  The moodiness almost makes it look like a painting.