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I photographed this amazing Captain Ana Amari from Overwatch Cosplay at Anime NYC. Cosplays from Overwatch are my favorite gaming cosplays to photograph. Please check out madd_joey on Instagram. Upcoming Conventions July 3-5, 2020: Florida Supercon, Miami FL – Tentative… […]

I was thrilled to find this Mork Cosplay at Motor City Comic Con. At times I wish I used video more and would record our entire day. I have those that come into my studio and are like having icons… […]

I have been looking through some old folders of images of late and found this one I was waiting around to edit. I love the Agave in Arizona. Hope to get back there again soon!

I photographed this Perona from One Piece Cosplay at Anime NYC.  Please check out jewelcreates on Instagram. Upcoming Conventions (all subject to change)  July 3-5, 2020: Florida Supercon, Miami FL – Tentative – rescheduled date  July 9-12, 2020: Connecticon, Hartford,… […]

I photographed this stunning couple at New York Winter Con. Please check out- Wez from Road WarriorFacebook: Deirdre KondrkInstagram: Deevious4 Mohawk Biker From Road Warrior Facebook: Scott MatthewInstagram: Marriedwithcosplay Upcoming Conventions (all subject to change) July 3-5, 2020: Florida Supercon,… […]

I photographed The Hound Cosplay from Game of Thrones at New York Winter Con.  Oh, how I miss that show…. please check out chiphi_tank on Instagram.  We gelled a cloth background here from Photo Pie Backdrops.  

I photographed this mesmerizing Batman at New York Winter Con.  We added a blue gel to one of my favorite Denny Manufacturing Portable backgrounds and voila!  Moody, Gotham background achieved.  Please check out KevinDCosplay on Facebook and KevinDCosplay on Instagram.

I have to admit I did not know this cosplay when I first saw it. I just saw the all the red and my jaw-dropped. The Painted Doll Cosplay is from The Devil’s Carnival. Please check out the simply stunning… […]

A cosplay near and dear to my heart! My kids (and I) watched KP for years! I photographed this adorably tough Kim Possible Cosplay at Rose City Comic Con. Please check out – Facebook: Payton Ashley Staples Instagram: @paytonstaples

This unbelievable group of cosplayers epitomizes why I love working on the Cosplay 50 Project. I can’t wait to get back to you all! I will post a new convention schedule shortly. Things are changing daily in the world so… […]

It has been a busy few months and now with a bit of time at home I would like to share that we had some amazing cosplayers appear in the January/February Issue of CosplayZine magazine. CosplayZine features cosplayers and cosplay… […]

 I photographed this colorful Raspberry Monster Miku/ Raspberyism Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri. The wig was so amazing I only hope that my photo does it justice. Please check out sky_cos on Instagram for this and so many more amazing wigs… […]

I love the unique cosplays that I find while attending various conventions in different states. Who would have thought of Xena?! I photographed this amazing Xena Warrior Princess Cosplay at Rhode Island Comic Con. Please check out missmollythecosplayer on Instagram… […]

I photographed this stunning Maleficent Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con. Please check out anastazianichole on Instagram and Anastazia Nichole on Facebook for beautiful modeling, Maleficent, an amazing Hela cosplay and more! Upcoming Conventions April 18-19, 2020: Huntsville Comic and… […]

I am sure many of you have heard that Emerald City Comic Con, due to start this week, was postponed until summer due to the COVID- 19 outbreak in the area.   It is one of my favorite conventions to attend and… […]

I photographed this stunning Catwoman cosplay at New York WinterCon.  I have photographed the amazing Casterly_Fox in quite the variety of cosplays from Hela to Cersei Lannister. Please check all of them out at casterly_fox on Instagram and Jaclyn Nicole on Facebook. Upcoming… […]

I first photographed Abby Cat Cosplay in 2018 at Wizard World Portland as Anastasia, Cinderella’s step sister. In 2019 I photographed Abby Cat Cosplay in this amazing Ms. Starlett Cosplay at Emerald City Comic Con. Some of you may remember… […]