Archives by Month: March 2018

I need your help – please read below (or see link in bio on Instagram) This is the lovely LynElíz Bergs on Facebook and lynelizbergs on Instagram photographed as Aku from Samuai Jack Cosplay at Colossalcon last year in Sandusky,… […]

I can’t wait to talk about my newest photography passion: Cosplay Photography. I have photographed intriguing people and adorable animals in some of the most awe-inspiring locations of the world, but the excitement I feel while shooting characters at comic… […]

I met Joshua Warren at Wizard World St. Louis in this fantastic Beetlejuice Cosplay.  Please check him out on Facebook as Joshua Warren.

I photographed this breathtaking Arkham City Catwoman at Wizard World St. Louis.  Please check out the stunning Termina Cosplay (pictured here) on Instagram and Facebook.