Pirate William McBones

Squeal!! I couldn’t believe this unbelievable pirate I photographed at Indiana Comic Convention. What can I say about the incredible Pirate William McBones? I really feel like this photo speaks volumes on its own! The textures in the clothing blew me away, his amazing look… and his personality… very pirate-ish. Sigh, anyone know if there is such a thing as a pirate convention? I would so be there.

2023 Convention Schedule
July 7 – 9 · Wyoming Pop Culture Con, Wyoming
September 15 – 17 · Granite State Comicon, New Hampshire (TBD)
September 21 – 23 · Salt Lake FanX, Utah
September 29 – October 1 · SiouxperCon, South Dakota
October 13 – 15 · Bangor Comic and Toy Con, Maine
October 28 – 29 · Delafaire – Delaware Renaissance Faire, Delaware

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