On the mend…

I have to apologize for my absence in posting for the last couple of weeks. The adventure of Australia/Tasmania followed by the most amazing convention that I have ever been to (Emerald City Comic Con) lead to my right arm deciding not to work anymore, forcing me to take a break.

I received a cortisone shot a few days ago and it is starting to take effect, so I should be able to start editing again next week. I’ve had tennis elbow for the last 2 1/2 years now. It started in 2017, when I added more conventions to my schedule. The lifting and twisting of boom arms, stands and the like really took a toll on it. I have done physical therapy, worked out more and have added amazing assistants to help me set-up and tear down at conventions, so one would think it would go away. It is on the mend, but it is pretty stubborn. This current flare up had me looking pretty ridiculous as I couldn’t bend my right arm without extreme pain, and my hand was stuck looking like a claw. My amazing doc informed he treats tons of photographers for the same thing. Any photo friends out there dealing with this too?

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