SiouxperCon Recap

We had an amazing space – instead of being in a room with a door we were in a corridor that was piped and draped. I am guessing the area was about 25’ wide by 60’ long. It’s hard for many to envision why we need a longer space but long story short (ha ha) it’s all about compression with a long lens. I photograph almost all conventions using a 70-200 lens. If I have enough space, this allows me to compress my subject on the background. This is important for HUGE cosplays – 8ft plus tall or wide – the big builds.

I LOVED photographing at Salt Lake FanX (and omigosh there were STUNNING cosplays as you have seen) but because of our space we actually had to pass by a lot of the bigger builds since with a room that was only 29 x 18 there is no space to use a long lens for big builds. In that size space even with normal builds I had to flip between my 24-70 and my 70-200.

It’s a busy month for conventions for us. We leave next week for Bangor Toy and Comic Con in Maine!

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