Perfect Princess Boosette

This Boosette from FanX in Salt Lake City follows our Bowsette from Wyoming Pop Culture Con. I was done editing this Cosplay a while ago, but the model release had “Booette” on it and some of the crew were insisting that was a typo and should be “Boosette”. Luckily, our detective sleuth Sue figured it out by finding her signature on the board – it was indeed “Boosette”!

With that problem solved, I was about to post this wonderful photo of this perfect princess when my husband saw the photo and said “you can’t post that photo – don’t you have any with her tongue out?” With all of the research on Bowsette, Boosette, and Booette (yes, there is a Booette too), everyone else had gotten to know these characters except for me.

Now, I always ask the Cosplayers if their characters have any poses. For some reason with Boosette I kept thinking “perfect princess” despite the fact that, yes, Boosette had indeed been sticking her tongue out at me quite a bit! Even after reviewing my photo shoot with her, I glossed over those photos and still found my perfect princess and edited that photo!

Well, I can’t let my edit go to waste so I’m posting my Perfect Princess Boosette. Look for the next post for a more mischievous in-character version with a tongue to match that cute little ghost!

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