Captain Hook Cosplay

This great Captain Hook Cosplay that I spotted at Colossalcon this year was shockingly the first one I have seen at any convention that I have ever been to. I will post my “Cosplay Photography wish list” in a future blog, but Captain Hook now has a solid green check mark next to his name on that list.

In my travel photography my main focus is always portraits and people photography. I love traveling to different countries, encountering the different cultures, and celebrating how similar we all are. We all have hopes and dreams of love, peace, and happiness. I love cultures that welcome strangers in with open arms.

It is interesting how I found my way into a similar culture right here at home. I love the all-inclusive atmosphere of the anime/comic conventions and the cosplay community in general. Coming in as a stranger (well, maybe I am a little past being a stranger) it is a refreshing experience. As cultures around the world shrink in their diversity it is refreshing to see this one flourish and thrive based on that very diversity.

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