Home at last!

The last week has truly been a blur. We photographed 50 people over four days at Wizard World Chicago and there were so many more cosplays I wanted to photograph but sadly we had to sleep! I thought having three assistants was insane going into it but once there I realized there was no other way to do it; we were non-stop busy the entire time and barely had time to eat. It was similar to when I use to photograph weddings. I loved them and thrive on that fast pace, non stop action.  I would love to get into some more bigger conventions like this one! If you know of any that would be willing to rent out a room at one or even better know of someone to contact at the event I would be incredibly appreciative for that information.  A huge thank you goes out to my assistants Neva Onysko, Rhonda Morris and Sean Montgomery. They truly are the best and together we make an amazing con family.

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