Out of Chicago Botanical Garden

I finally made it to Out of Chicago this year! My fanatical flower photography friend Jen Turk joined me on this adventure and WOW what a time we had! Once we got there I found out that several of my photo friends from all over the US were also in attendance. Such a delight to spend time with Bonnie Freeland, Jean Lashalle, and Vicki Wert. This was the most welcoming, friendly, helpful group of photographers I have ever been with. I met some of my long time photo idols – Alan Shapiro and Tony Sweet – and worked with other photographers who I quickly added to my list: Anne Belmont, Charles Needle, John Barclay, and Krista McCuish. The Chicago Botanical Garden was absolutely stunning and I can’t recommend this conference enough to all you budding (hahaha) flower photographers out there. Check out the some of the highlights here.

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