Sinuous Beauty

I admit I have a problem in moving vehicles – it must be my age! I fall asleep on long drives and even planes now, sitting straight up. I know there are quite a few embarrassing photos of me out there. These days I try to look on the bright side of it as I have been on the road quite a bit!

Luckily for me in Romania several years ago this was not the case. I went there in the fall to photograph in what is truly the most beautiful season there in my opinion when a freak snow storm happened. As we were traveling up to a beautiful overlook we passed this scene and my amazing guides pulled off the road and humored me for a few minutes. I knew I wanted a moody image so to add to the mood that was already there I changed my white balance in camera to incandescent. I loved how the curved tree felt like it was slithering almost seductively into the photo.

Thinking of heading to Romania? I have two of the best guides if you do… Flavia Drăgan and Igna Dani. We had WAY too much fun traveling through Romania together! Thanks for their knowledge, patience and amazing ability to laugh and have fun!

This image is on display at Fairmount Center for the Arts. Information on show is in previous posts.

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