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I try to make sure that my photos show my subject’s eyes, especially at the conventions that I photograph at. Characters usually spend a great deal of time on makeup and want to see that conveyed in their photograph (as… […]

I was thrilled to find some Disney Princesses sprinkled among all the anime characters at Colossalcon. The background here is a Lastolite Portable background. I think it is the only truly portable part of my portable studio 🙂

I love the dark and dramatic ones but the happy ones just make you want to smile. This is Heartseeker Orianna from League of Legends. Please look up the characters if you are unfamiliar with them. Its amazing how the… […]

Just an early heads up! I will be taking photos at Wizard World Pittsburgh November 4th-6th. The convention is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. For more information about the event please check out their website at… […]

Sigh…what more can I say. He walked into Colossalcon with scissors on his hands but I was drawn to this emotive image we created instead of the straight “Edward Scizorhands” photograph.

Simplicity is the main ingredient in my photography, including my cosplay photography. I love the creativity, time, and effort these people put into their elaborate cosplays. Sometimes less is more and at times my favorite images of a person are… […]

Imagine my surprise at seeing Lynda Carters’ Wonder Woman double at Colossalcon. I am sure everyone will agree that the resemblance is simply uncanny. I was even more surprised that she recognized me and said that I had photographed her… […]

When photographing at con events I seem to always have someone come in with a magical item that needs to glow. Many times the studio lighting causes the glow to disappear. Luckily it is pretty easy to make items glow… […]

There was an unreal variety of cosplays at Colossalcon. Characters from princesses, video game characters, superheroes, webcomics and more. This is Karkat Vantas from Homestuck.

Had a great time this weekend and photographed some amazing cosplayers. I hope to be back next year! We had 95 people come in to have their portrait taken. Check out this amazing Hawkgirl, wings made with real feathers.

I have had a wonderful time for the last two days photographing cosplayers here. I want to apologize to all of the cosplayers who were hoping to come in this morning for photos and found an empty room. I was… […]

Just a really early heads up! I will also have a room at Wizard World Columbus on July 29, 30 and 31st to photograph cosplayers. It will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. For more information check them… […]

I will have a room to take photos of cosplayers at Colossalcon 2016 June 2nd-5th at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. For more information check out there website at I had a great turnout at Wizard World Cleveland… […]