Betty Cooper Cosplay (Body Paint by Kyle Vest)

Florida Supercon was so amazing for us last summer! We have our fingers crossed we will be able to get a room there again in 2020 (May 8-10).  We met Avi Ram and Kyle Vest from Season 2 of Skin Wars and had numerous shoots with full body painted cosplays. Kyle Vest painted Melanie Tonkin for this Riverdale cosplay of  Betty Cooper. He, unbelievably also painted himself as Archie (photo coming soon).   Kyle Vest can be found on instagram @kyle_vest or @prince_of_fear , and on Facebook as Kyle Vest. Melanie Tonkin can be found on instagram as @melsaidwhat and on Facebook as Melanie Tonkin.

Upcoming Conventions

Dec 13-15, 2019: Holiday Matsuri, Orlando, Florida

Feb 21-23, 2020: LVL UP EXPO, Las Vegas, NV (New State)

Mar 12-15, 2020: Emerald City, Seattle, Washington

May 1-3, 2020: Awesome Con, Washington DC

May 21-24, 2020: Phoenix Fan Fusion, Phoenix, AZ (New State-tentative)

Oct 9-11, 2020: Tsubasacon, Charleston, West Virgina (New State-tentative) 

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