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I have loved photography since I got my Nikon D70 in 2004. That purchase sparked an obsession of photographic learning that remains with me to this day. Whether it be learning new in-camera techniques, exploring different subject matter, or delving… […]

Supermodels walk among us! My traveling being brought to an abrupt end has given me a chance to catch up on some editing.  This is my amazing Zumba, Hip Hop/MMA, and Tabata Instructor Melissa Heaverlo! Based on this photo it… […]

This Over the Garden Wall Cosplay is one of the most elaborate cosplays that I have ever seen! It was created by minesofmoriacosplay (Facebook and Instagram), who loves to make obscure costumes out of unorthodox materials.  Over 200 hours of… […]

It is that time of year – I just saw this classic at the drive-in! I photographed this unbelievably stunning Winifred Sanderson Cosplay  from the movie Hocus Pocus at Anime NYC.  Congrats goes out to our Winifred Sanderson who won Best… […]

I always have a wonderful time with the lovely ShaunaScarlett on Instagram, Shauna Topaz on Facebook. I first photographed her back in 2016 as Supergirl. Since then I have photographed her as XD Punk Zelda, Black Cat, Rey, a Hannah… […]

Florida Supercon was so amazing for us! We met Avi Ram and Kyle Vest from Season 2 of Skin Wars and had numerous shoots with full body painted cosplays.  Kyle Vest from Season 2 of Skin Wars not only painted Melanie Tonkin as Betty Cooper from a… […]

Romania is one of the most stunning places I have ever seen in fall! I hope to get back there some day soon! Thanks to the incredible team of Flavia Dragan of Experience Romania and Igna Dani for so many… […]

I photographed this amazing Gaston Cosplay as part of an almost all Genderbend Disney Villain group at Rose City Comic Con. Please check out Cari Thompson on Facebook and Emer4948 on Instagram. I will repost the amazing group and more info… […]

How long does it take for someone to really go a bit insane quarantining? Speaking from my own personal experience about four to six months. That is how long it took me to start seeing the personalities of each flower… […]

When I saw this Spock cosplay at Rose City Comic Con I was speechless. Actually, speechless is an understatement. Few cosplayers come into my studio that are so true to life realistic that they give me chills. There were times… […]

I photographed this captivating Weiss Schnee from RWBY Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida.  Please check out this cosplay and many more at

I photographed this glamorous Snow White Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida.  Please check out Masumi Senpai on Facebook and masumisenpai on Instagram for this and an unreal variety of other cosplays.  

I photographed this captivating Xayah From League Of Legends Cosplay at Florida Supercon in Miami Beach. I love all the different skins in League of Legends, they give endless opportunities for photography. Please check out Taylor Griffin on Facebook and Griffintaro on Instagram.  

Loving the Kaiser Slimlite Plano Lightbox and how items on it seem to be suspended in mid-air. Any guesses what these are? Thanks to Visual Wilderness, Padma Inguva and Alan Shapiro for sparking my interest in this type of photography!

I love the previous post with my Lastolite HiLite Illuminated White Background and the high key image that came of it. Since travel and conventions are on hold for now I am experimenting with different types of photography at home.… […]

I photographed this exquisite Ragyo Kiryuin Cosplay from Kill La Kill at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, Florida.  Kill la Kill is a Japanese anime television series.  I love to use the Lastolite HiLite Illuminated White Background on high key images… […]

I have been a bit offline lately as we had a lot of big events (all good) in our family. My daughter graduated from college (SCAD), my son turned 21, we have a new puppy and the list goes on… […]

Thanks to some wonderful friends who decided to host a macro photography class, and some others who decided to take it, I (after over two months!) picked up my big girl camera!  I have always gravitated toward photographing small, intimate… […]