Over the Garden Wall Cosplay

This Over the Garden Wall Cosplay is one of the most elaborate cosplays that I have ever seen! It was created by minesofmoriacosplay (Facebook and Instagram), who loves to make obscure costumes out of unorthodox materials. 

Over 200 hours of insane work were put into this cosplay, which includes over one-hundred-fifty hand-braided corn husks. The pumpkins were created by using paper mâché on a yoga ball which were then spray foamed while adding more paper mâché. Parts of the cosplay are even hand crocheted. This cosplay of course won Best in Show at the Louisville Supercon.  

Over the Garden Wall is an animated miniseries from the Cartoon Network which is now on available on Netflix. I watched it several years ago with my oldest daughter who was inspired by the show to study animation in college. She still watches it every October!—–

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