I thought I would share some of the photos on display at the Hudson Fine Art and Framing Photography Show! The photos will be on display and available for purchase until September 6th at 160 North Main Street, Hudson, Ohio. 

Embrace” was taken in 2015 when I traveled with Frontiers North on their Polar Bears at the Legendary Cape Churchill Tundra Buggy Lodge Tour.  I can’t recommend the trip more, it is in my top five trips of all time.  I  was concerned about going on a Tundra Buggy and the viewpoint that I would be photographing at (looking down on the bears). The majority of the time I want to be eye level (or even below) for wildlife shooting. Fortunately I had the amazing Kevin Burke as my Tundra Buggy Driver. It was wonderful! He was also a photographer and realized what distance and height we needed to be at to appear to be eye level with the bears.  Once we found two male bears sparring I was shooting away and although the action shots were unreal it was this quiet  embrace amongst all the action that I loved the most. The combination of the snow softly falling, the colors of the background trees, and the gentleness of that fleeting moment all worked together. 

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