Lean on Me…

I recently returned from the most amazing trip to remote Alaska.  I have to admit I think this was my fifth trip there and the first time I truly felt I saw Alaska.  Hiking daily and having the joy of seeing 25+ bears a day is a hard thing to beat.  This trip is tied for my favorite trip of all, a walking Polar Bear Safari I did in 2015 with Churchill Wild.  If you know me, you know I am a big sap when it comes to mother and baby animals.  On this trip that was mainly what we saw.  As I captured my favorite images from the trip  with this mom and cub, tears sprung to my eyes at the beautiful moment between them that I had the unbelievable opportunity to witness.  I love the combination of shooting opportunities I have had lately;  I love the control I have when I photograph at a comic convention, planning out the lighting, backdrop, pose, and model, with things going exactly how I planned the majority of the time  😉  To go from that to somewhere where you have to accept that things are truly out of your control, you come to trust and love the spontaneity of these incredibly serendipitous moments.  I am loving the balance that the two bring to my world.   I am also oh-so-thankful that my arm is finally on the mend and the hope it gives me to be able do more of what I love.

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