Back from India!!

So I am back from India.  Sadly I was sick with a sinus infection for most of it but all in all it was a great trip.  I traveled with Photo Quest Adventures and the incredible photojournalist Ami Vitale.  I thought I was prepared for India I had been told of the poverty and the dirtiness, however I was not prepared for the horrible air quality and the amount of people living there!  It was eye opening.  In a way it helped me to realize the things I enjoy photographing–I am pretty easy I love simple scenes with clean compositions.  Let me tell you that is not so easy to do in India.  I had an image in my mind of the photos I was going to take and although with a couple of village stops I got some of those, for the most part I spent my time just trying to simplify the chaotic.  This is one of my images that i surely did not expect to get. I took the advice of Ami and slowed down, found a scene I liked and just stayed with it waiting for something to happen.  I turned into a fly on the wall.  I ended up getting many images from this location that I liked.

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