I learned an amazing way to make moody portraits from Tom Bol on a Photo Quest Adventure trip to Mongolia in 2009.  This technique works on those grey, dreary, and cloudy Ohio winter days.  Since today happens to be one… […]

I went to Morocco in 2010 with Photo Quest Adventures and the incredible combat photographer/photojournalist Stacy Pearsall.  We spent one night in tents in the Sahara Desert, which was absolutely beautiful.  On one of the mornings we woke up early… […]

I was in South Island, New Zealand in 2010 with Photo Quest Adventures and the wonderful Tom Bol.  I am not normally drawn to landscapes and nature photography but this trip had piqued my interest with its variety of shooting… […]

These are some photos from Mongolia that I took in 2009.  This man had the greatest face ever.  There were about eight photographers who flocked to him when he came out of a building.  Although I have become somewhat bolder… […]

These are two of my favorite images from India.  Our guide took us to a few textile factories where photographically it was either hit or miss.  It was impossible to tell if the scene would be totally amazing until you… […]

I traveled to India in November with Photo Quest Adventures and an incredible photojournalist- Ami Vitale. I loved visiting the small villages, the people seemed so much more welcoming in the more rural areas. One of my girlfriends let me… […]

So I am back from India.  Sadly I was sick with a sinus infection for most of it but all in all it was a great trip.  I traveled with Photo Quest Adventures and the incredible photojournalist Ami Vitale.  I… […]

I was on a search for some family photos to frame for my house when I thought about a trip my daughter Neva and I took in 2009 to Japan to visit my sister.  We dressed up as Geisha girls… […]