This summer I spent six weeks in China and explored everywhere from the big cities in the East to the little known parts of the West.  The majority of my photos focused on the people of Western China.  I am… […]

In 2010 I went on my first landscape workshop with Varina and Jay Patel to Death Valley.  I have always been very intimidated when it comes to landscapes/nature photography, finding it very overwhelming.  It is usually about the big scene… […]

I just returned from the western area of Ireland on a trip that I took with Strabo Tours.  It was a fantastic trip filled with good friends and lots of laughs.  The mood of our group was spirited and lively… […]

In 2009 I went to Bhutan with Photo Quest Adventures.  It was an incredible trip.  If you like to photograph people, it would be my number one recommendation.  Bhutan is a tiny country landlocked between China and India.  The people are kind, friendly, and so very welcoming.… […]

I learned an amazing way to make moody portraits from Tom Bol on a Photo Quest Adventure trip to Mongolia in 2009.  This technique works on those grey, dreary, and cloudy Ohio winter days.  Since today happens to be one… […]

I went to Morocco in 2010 with Photo Quest Adventures and the incredible combat photographer/photojournalist Stacy Pearsall.  We spent one night in tents in the Sahara Desert, which was absolutely beautiful.  On one of the mornings we woke up early… […]

I was in South Island, New Zealand in 2010 with Photo Quest Adventures and the wonderful Tom Bol.  I am not normally drawn to landscapes and nature photography but this trip had piqued my interest with its variety of shooting… […]

These are some photos from Mongolia that I took in 2009.  This man had the greatest face ever.  There were about eight photographers who flocked to him when he came out of a building.  Although I have become somewhat bolder… […]

These are two of my favorite images from India.  Our guide took us to a few textile factories where photographically it was either hit or miss.  It was impossible to tell if the scene would be totally amazing until you… […]

I traveled to India in November with Photo Quest Adventures and an incredible photojournalist- Ami Vitale. I loved visiting the small villages, the people seemed so much more welcoming in the more rural areas. One of my girlfriends let me… […]

So I am back from India.  Sadly I was sick with a sinus infection for most of it but all in all it was a great trip.  I traveled with Photo Quest Adventures and the incredible photojournalist Ami Vitale.  I… […]

I was on a search for some family photos to frame for my house when I thought about a trip my daughter Neva and I took in 2009 to Japan to visit my sister.  We dressed up as Geisha girls… […]