Archives by Day: July 29, 2022

I love when Cosplay seamlessly melds with the art world. This Sakizou from Fantasy of the Dream Cosplay was inspired by a Japanese Illustrator. This amazing Cosplayer won the Advanced Adult Masters Craftsmanship at this year’s ConnectiCon! Congratulations!! A special… […]

I love photographing Original Characters! When I have a well-known Cosplay to edit I feel like I need to stick within some preset boundaries. With Original Character Cosplays I feel like I can let “the rules” go and create much… […]

I about fell over when I saw the headpiece on this Death from Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cosplay at Phoenix Fan Fusion. So amazing, that and the face paint combined with it. SO GOOD! It is when I find headpieces… […]