Holiday Matsuri Day One Recap (Part One)

What a day! At most conventions we attend we photograph a small selection of cosplayers, 20-30 ish during the entire weekend. Its Day One here and we have photographed 16 already, so it’s a great convention for us.

This morning we started off photographing a cosplayer I also photographed in 2017! In 2017 Remy Domino Cosplay was photographed as Wonder Woman, then today as Kyo Sohma of the Fruits Basket Series. We also photographed Hatori Sohma, Yuki Sohma and Momjii Sohma from the Fruits Basket Series as well.

Our day continued with Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill, Mother Gothel, Weiss Schnee from RWBY, and Lucio from The Arcana game.

We are located in the North Tower, Second Floor, Key Biscayne Room and will be handing out Golden Tickets for free 30 min photo shoots to amazing cosplayers all weekend.

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