Pennywise Cosplay (Body Paint by Kyle Vest)

Happy IT Chapter 2 Day!!! For anyone who has missed any recent posts, the first week of July was spent at Florida Supercon and it has proven to be one of the best conventions I have ever been a part of. Soon into the weekend we met and established quite a relationship with Cosmix Makeup School who had a booth on the convention floor, where they were doing live body painting on models from the Florida area. This piece was done by Kyle Vest (Season 2 Skin Wars) and it speaks for itself. Kyle put well over 3 hours into this painting on model Sera Cimmino, and it definitely paid off. In the first 10 minutes of this photo shoot I found myself in love with the eyes, which I soon found out were air brushed on the eye lids. The realism of the eyes themselves really changes this character depending on open/closed eye pictures, and as you can see in this picture Kyle Vest is immaculate with his horror genre of body painting. Kyle Vest can be found on Facebook at Kyle Vest and on instagram at prince_of_fear. Model Sera Cimmino can be found on Facebook at Sera Cimmino and on instagram as Theangelcrush.

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