Supercon Day 4 Recap (Part 1 of 2)

This may have been the best convention I have ever been to! Between the amazing cosplays and getting to photograph the works of Avi Ram and Kyle Vest, this convention easily became one that I hope to return too in the future. This morning we photographed Muhammad Ali, Present Mic from Boku no Hero Academia, and Tamatoa from Moana. I had never seen any of these cosplays before, and even got to use a couple new backgrounds with them! Aside from that, our wonderful assistant, Sean Montgomery, stepped in front of the camera for the first time. Avi Ram painted him as “Venompool” a combination of Venom and Deadpool. Avi’s air brush creations never cease to amaze me, and today was no expection! His use of highlights and contouring  make his works a delight to photograph.

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