Florida Supercon Day 4 Recap! (Part 2 of 2)

This convention was so great that we even had to split Sunday into two posts! Typically Sundays are a slow day for cosplays, but Florida blew my expectations out of the water. Later in the evening I photographed more of Avi Ram and Kyle Vest’s works. Avi painted Sean as Venompool earlier this morning, then went to work on a piece with the X-Men’s Mystique transforming into Phoenix in honor of The Dark Phoenix movie. Kyera Dalesandro could do no wrong in front of the camera. Her poses really helped bring the character life, and the photos I took of her today are among my favorites! We also photographed Kyle Vest’s pin up Pennywise, and Betty Cooper and Archie from Riverdale. The eyes on Pennywise were so detailed that I had to zoom in to tell that they were painted on, it was incredible! Avi and Kyle were definitely the highlights of this con. I’m so thankful that I met them and hope I can work with them in the future! They are so sweet, and brought such good energy to the studio. After they left I always found myself smiling! Thanks so much to all the cosplayers, models, con staff, and artists that made Florida Supercon into the best con I have been to! An extra special thanks goes out to all my photo assistants this weekend, it felt like endless early mornings and late nights at times but my “circus family” always makes it fun! Hugs to you all… Sean Montgomery, Shannon Lynch, Neva Onysko and Devin Onysko.

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