Western Reserve Land Conservancy Show

I embrace technology.  I was one of the first to jump on the digital photography bandwagon and I live in Photoshop.  One way, however, that I consider myself old-school is print photography.  Sure, I post images to so many social media outlets that sometimes I feel like all I do is hashtag my day away.  Holding a print in my hand and subsequently placing it on a wall, however, is my endgame.

Prints are something of a lost art these days.  Many camera clubs that I judge at have small turnouts and low participation on print competition nights, with some even discontinuing print competitions altogether.  While digital competitions have great attendance, I am glad that I no longer compete as I am too much of a control freak.  For me, too much is left to chance with jpeg exports, different monitor calibrations, cheap projectors, washed out images due to lighting and screens, etc.  I want my image to be displayed as I completely intended and the only way to do that is a with a print.

Speaking of prints… I was thrilled to be invited to exhibit fourteen of my Nature and Wildlife images from around the world at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy in Moreland Hills, Ohio.  There will be an artist reception on Thursday May 25 from 5-7 p.m.   Please check out more info about the venue, hours and show here http://www.wrlandconservancy.org/event/art-show-by-susan-onysko/

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