Name the photograph contest…

You may have noticed that in my last blog post I did not title my photograph.  It is something that I am trying hard to be more consistent with these days, as it helps me keep track of them in Aperture and can actually be quite fun.

When I took this photo, all I was really thinking about was how it reminded me of a whale swimming across a sea of blue.  Upon returning home I showed my husband and he instantly responded “Windows XP”.  I showed a few other people and they immediately said “Windows” or “Windows XP”.  Whatever grief I may get for it, I have to confess that I have been a Mac girl since they replaced our typewriters in high school with them.  The fact that I took typing for a year dates me I am sure.

When one of my friends finally showed me the Windows XP wallpaper I understood what they were talking about.  I guess it makes sense – the locale sure fits.

Anyway, I am now stumped on a title for this image.  For obvious reasons, I cannot name it “Windows XP”, so here is what I propose:

Give me your thoughts on a title.  If I choose one of your titles, I will provide that person with a print of it!

I am anxious to see what everyone comes up with!

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    • Thanks so much for all of your suggestions to the “Title the Print” facebook contest. I will accept titles up until 5pm today (Friday the 19th) EST. The winning title will be posted on Monday July 22nd. There has been some very interesting, thought provoking titles thus far. Even some with words that I had to look up 🙂 Please make sure you post a title if would like to be in the running to get a free print of this image. Thanks!

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