Since I first started in photography I have felt that strong compositional elements are the key to a good image. One needs the technical prowess to get a technically sound photograph: sharp where it needs to be, proper exposure, etc.… […]

I want to thank everyone who came out on a very cold night Tuesday to Western Reserve Photographic Society to hear my presentation on travel photography. We had a standing room only crowd of members and guests from other clubs/areas.… […]

I love off-camera flash. My studio is driven by Profoto D1 Air 500s, which are highly versatile, have a magical recycle time, and provide an abundance of power. I have an additional set for local outdoor shoots, but the setup… […]

I will be doing a presentation on Travel Photography on Tuesday, February 10th at the Western Reserve Photographic Society. Their meetings start at 7:00 pm at the Penitentiary Glen Nature Center in Kirtland, Ohio. I will be sharing some tips… […]

Over the winter break I had the opportunity to observe my nine-year-old daughter using one of my cameras. The image-hungry girl greedily photographed anything and everything from all angles in every type of light. The sight of her made me… […]

2014 has been a great year of photography for me. I have had a wonderful time traveling to many new countries to shoot a variety of subjects that provided laughs, heart-touching moments, and adventures. These are some of my favorite… […]

I want to say thanks to everyone who came out to see the presentation at Akron Camera Club last night. It was great catching up with old friends there. Akron Camera Club is where I first started showing my images… […]

The title makes this post sound like a bad drinking game. To clarify, I am referring to the pictures that I do not take, hence the lack of accompanying photograph today. It may sound absurd to travel to a faraway… […]

While in Maramures, Romania I visited a church on a Sunday. The service was heavily attended as it was “Rising of the Cross” day. It was also the last Sunday before some of the youth left for other areas to… […]

I will be presenting a new program, “Travel Photography from A to Z”, at the Akron Camera Club on Wednesday December 17th at 7:30 pm. The presentation covers many travel photography tips as well as some general travel tips. Cuyahoga… […]

Romania! In September of this year I had an event to attend in Spain and decided to combine the travel with some photography. I searched for a place in Europe that was untouched; where time stood still; and where traditions… […]

Earlier this year I went to Venice, one of my favorite cities in the world, for Carnival. My goal was to get up early and shoot the costumed people that dotted the area around Piazza San Marco. I had heard… […]

I wanted to share a “behind the scenes” photo from the last blog post. Many thanks to Jacque from Strabo Tours for planning such a great trip and also to photo buddy Sue for tolerating my sometimes-unusual requests! 🙂  I… […]

I recently entered the Third Chapter of The Compelling Image Photography Contest presented by Art Wolfe and SHUTTERLOVE. “Travels to the Edge” was the theme. “Googly-Eyed Adelies” was chosen as a Runner-up and “Working in India #2” was given an… […]

I just returned from a few back-to-back trips. I started with Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Despite the name of the conference, Photoshop World is informative on countless topics in addition to Photoshop. Whether your interests lie in Lightroom, portraiture,… […]

I seldom travel to the same photo location more than once. There are so many places on my list to visit that venturing back to my favorite places always tends to come in second. This summer was an exception. Last… […]

I just finished writing about the death of one of my favorite lenses (R.I.P. 16-35).  It seemed appropriate to follow that up with one of the first photos taken by a new lens of mine: the Nikon 800mm. To further… […]